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02 Oct Downtown Magazine

SIRIO: A FABULOUS, FASHIONABLE, AND INCREDIBLY TASTEFUL FASHION WEEK DINING EXPERIENCE SEPTEMBER 9TH, 2013 There is always something delightful about going to dinner in a hotel as elegant and historic as the Pierre on Fifth Avenue. But with the announcement that the Sirio Ristorante was offering a...

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18 Oct In All Sirio’s-ness, Le Cirque’s New Stunner at the Pierre

If you’ve got the guts to name a restaurant after yourself, you’d better be a country-music sensation, a Bennigan or Le Cirque’s Sirio Maccioni. Regarding the latter, you’ve now got Sirio. It’s a low-slung hall of mod-’60s sexiness and serious Italian fare. It’s taking reservations right now and opening November 1 at the Pierre. And this is how you’ll make it sing... Dinner for two. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious (and potent), three. You’ve basically stepped into Mastroianni-era Italy here. Dim lighting, horizontal lines, banquettes with white leather piping, and mushroom risotto and lamb shank with artichokes. We presume that’s what he ate.
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